Mystical Motherhood

Everything is Happening for You, Not to You

September 27, 2020

How to jump timelines and avoid self-sabotage. 

"Everything is happening for you, not to you."   Today's conversation with astrologer and attorney Rai Charan Kaur (Nicole Sollberger) delves into ways to navigate these astrologically challenging times.  We discuss ways to work with, rather than against, these energies and avoid self-sabotage, as well as practical tools to alter your experience of reality for the better.  Rai Charan is the founder of SELENIC, an astrological consulting firm which helps clients maximize success by combining corporate strategy with astrological expertise.  Rai Charan is also a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation teacher, writer and visual artist.  You can connect with her at or via IG at @seleniclaw.  

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