Mystical Motherhood

How to Be a Lover and Still Be Contained, Content and Continuous Within Yourself

July 11, 2020

"When the girl is virgin she wants to break the virginity. Not because she feels sexy, forget it. Who told you that? Now, a stage reaches when her own animosity that She Is She, wants to get out and break it through, she creates the relationship. What is a virginity to a girl? Nothing, it's a simple phenomena. Very simple. Why she wants to break it? That's very simple too. Her essence that she is she in sexual world and she doesn't want to be she in the sexual world anymore, she breaks it. When you do not want to be in the world of one constant state of consciousness of which you are constantly constant and you are carrying on continuously in the continuity of it, a one state affirmative of your life and you want to break it, who breaks it? Not you, your animosity to that phenomena." - Yogi Bahajan 

Today's conversation with astrologer and attorney Rai Charan Kaur (Nicole Sollberger) covers the subjects of love and self-containment.  We discuss the hero's journey, and ancient goddess archetypes and yogic teachings as they pertain to modern relationships and business.  Rai Charan is the founder of SELENIC LAW, a new type of firm which helps clients maximize success by combining legal services with astrological expertise.  Rai Charan is also a Kundalini Yoga + Meditation teacher, poet and visual artist.  You can connect with her at or via IG at @seleniclaw.  

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