Mystical Motherhood

How to Break Free: Cutting Energetic Contracts to Let Go of the Past

June 11, 2021

This podcast is a super powerful healing where I include the following exercise from my book Fertile.  You can follow below to try on your own. 

Understanding Your Earthly Contracts: A Writing Exercise

  1. Why did you choose this? Why did you choose the events in your life? Why did you choose your family? You shouldn’t be shocked by these questions, as we are all the creators of our own realities for our greatest healing.
  2. Close your eyes and go back to the time before you were born. Imagine yourself looking down from a higher dimension at your mother’s womb. You know what your life will be like as you are looking at this family of your choice. You are attracted to your mother’s frequency, but why? What will you learn through her? By choosing this family, you will experience specific events that will physically affect your body, mind and spirit in this lifetime, and you choose it. What have you learned since your choice, and what benefits have you gained from these lessons?
  3. Ask yourself these questions about the people and the experiences that you have dealt with (you can do this with each significant experience individually):

Is it a personal agreement? This would mean that you have done this to others and need to have it done to yourself. Or you needed to experience this to heal it for yourself or for a generational line.

Or was it a mission?  Meaning you chose your family or the experience so that you could understand the pain and help others. The mission is for everyone and for the ALL. You may go in and experience a rapist—the totality of the pain, the grief—so that you can be a healer and heal others. You need to feel the pain of humanity to be a true healer and be trusted that you have the compassion and integrity to support others. You walk into the fire and then you come out as a diamond.

  1. Once you know if it was a personal agreement or a mission, you can complete the following ceremony. Say these words out loud: I hereby release my contracts and/or soul tribes (which is your family and friends) or attachments to these lessons. You can visualize the contracts between specific people and yourself burning up in a fire.  You can also visualize cutting all the cords that may be attached between your bodies. After doing this, the dynamics of these relationships will change.
  2. Acknowledge if your mother, father, sister or brother is your soul tribe. When you are ready to move on to the next higher self, you need to let go of your soul tribe, which is the group of souls that you may have spent many lifetimes with, learning lessons. When you let go of this group, you will become ready to accept your divinity and be unified into the consciousness of all.
  3. Create a symbol to anchor your new life. This is the first shape that comes to mind. Symbols are forms of energy and communication which allow Spirit to speak a vast amount of information quickly. Take some time to let it unfold around you.
  4. Once you change these agreements, the world around you will change. Your universe will rearrange itself to accommodate your new ideas about reality.

Doing this work is vital so that you can become an awakened mother. There is no need to pass these patterns on to your children. If you had a whirlwind of a childhood, would you want your children to experience any of this? I highly doubt it. Anything that affected your body physically creates a great amount of density. As you do this work and release your past, make sure that all the healing is done from the level of your heart not just the head.


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