Mystical Motherhood

How to Have a Better Life Experience and Consciously Decide What You Want to Create

October 14, 2020

Kateryna and I dive deep into my soon-to-be released book Alchemy of Becoming to discuss the transformative process of separating from the parts of ourselves that no longer create continued growth.  This stage of alchemy is called Separation. 

Separation (the air element): In this phase you begin taking an intimate look at your personality, deciding what parts of yourself that you want to separate from and what parts need further integration. You will consciously review your unconscious and decide if you are ready to release the blockages, phobias and neurotic tendencies or not.

This stage of transformation separates out parts of the personality that are no longer appropriate for continued growth. By this point you should be able to recognize how past trauma sneaks into the present. You have to make the conscious decision not to continue to allow toxic behavior in yourself or the people you surround yourself with. This is a stage of separating out what you want to create in your life from what you do not. You have to choose if you are ready to have a better experience and what kind of experience you want to create.  It is really hard to let go of destructive habits that were created as a result of the past. It is especially hard to see how far away from real love we are.

This is the point in time where you have to choose to grow up. To do this it is necessary to separate out the childish, toxic, neurotic and phobic parts of the personality in order to grow into a higher functioning human being.  The alchemist will start to consciously confront parts of themselves that were previously unknown and own up to the mistakes they have made throughout life.


During this phase you will have a clearer understanding of the weaknesses within your personality and be able to decide what kind of baggage you are willing to hold for yourself and others. This is the point in time where boundaries become important and you will learn to say no to people and environments that are unsafe or toxic. You will also stop trying to conquer the external world by beginning to notice the masculine parts of your personality. Domineering, forceful, abusive tendencies will begin to become apparent both within yourself and through the reflection of your relationships.

Taken from Alchemy of Becoming


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