Mystical Motherhood

How to Increase Sovereignty & Love in a Time of Chaos

September 1, 2020

We all have a story and what we refer to as our “story” is just a perception of reality based off our interpretation by our mind. What if I told you that none of it was real and that you could let go of the painful stories you tell yourself about your life by tapping into your heart? Many stories are unpleasant, some a little more than others, and they have one thing in common – they lack love and take away our energy. The process of letting your deepest wounds go lies the gold of your being and reveals the light of your consciousness, which is what our planet is in desperate need of at this time.

It is absolutely essential that we begin to let go of the drama and trauma or our original wounds so that we can heal individually and collectively. Most of humanity is lacking self-love and connection to the heart. The way that each person deals with this is different and is based on their conditioning from childhood. The process of healing these wounds is an alchemical transformation that changes your life forever.

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