Mystical Motherhood

Navigating the Seven Powers of Initiation

December 1, 2021

It is difficult to write about todays podcast because it was so deep and energetic. We spoke about how to move into a state of being and presence when you are going through an initiation or chaotic life event. I discussed the relation of alchemy and the seven deadly sins  - how these can guide you though your own life issues. I mentioned the below quotes too, which I thought were important to include here. 

"The seven powers mentioned in Mary’s gospel (darkness, craving, ignorance, craving for death, enslavement to the physical body, the false peace of the flesh, and the compulsion of rage) are the precursors to Christianity’s seven deadly sins (pride, greed, envy, gluttony, lust, sloth, and anger). And I believe, they are the “seven demons” that Luke 8:2 claims were expelled from Mary Magdalene." - Meggan Watters 

The first form is darkness; the second is desire; the third is ignorance; the fourth is zeal for death; the fifth is the realm of the flesh; the sixth is the foolish wisdom of the flesh; and the seventh is the wisdom of the wrathful person.These are the seven powers of wrath. — MARY 9:18–25

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The steps of transformation are experienced as follows:

Calcination: This phase breaks down your at- tachment to the material world; it is the phase of the destruction of delusions, appearances, and pos- sessions. The element fire burns away the mental constructs and belief systems that hold you back and box you in.

Dissolution: This phase reveals unconscious emotional parts of yourself for release. The element water is used to dissolve heavy feelings and nega- tive thoughts. Unresolved wounds of the heart will arise to be healed.

Separation: In this phase, you begin taking an intimate look at your personality, deciding what parts of yourself that you want to separate from and what parts need further integration. The element air helps with this process by making changes in your physical, emotional, and mental realms. The element helps to quickly release old ways of being. You will consciously review your unconscious and decide if you are ready to release the blockages, phobias, and neurotic tendencies — or not.

Conjunction: This is the phase where you merge the conscious and the unconscious parts of your- self for deeper healing. The element earth begins to build a new reality within your consciousness and a different way to experience the world which is more stable and balanced. It is the union of the masculine and feminine within. Your heart begins to open and your intuition grows as you become connected to Spirit.

Fermentation and Putrefaction: This is the in- troduction into your new life. You will experience a death of your old world and be initiated into a new way of being. The element ether begins to arise within your consciousness as you move through the final three phases of the alchemical process. Ether helps you to ascend into the higher realms and be- gin to see that the reality on Earth is actually con- nected to a previously unseen and unheard world. As a spiritual warrior, you begin to hear the call to help others along the way.

Distillation: In order to know whether you can hold true in this new life, you will be psychological- ly tested by a higher force. This phase of purification is agitating to the human mind as there must be no impure or negative subconscious thoughts affecting the personality in order to enter a state of peace.

Coagulation: The whole and healed human be- ing is rare, but if you have reached this stage, you are now fully conscious and interacting with the world from the level of the heart or with love. Be- ing becomes as important as doing. You will see the world from a new perspective and higher level of consciousness. This is the rise of the Phoenix and the phase of resurrection into your highest destiny.

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