Mystical Motherhood

Radical Revolutionary Spirituality: How to Open Your Heart

September 18, 2020

Prosperous people have a connection to a higher force rather than the mental emotions held within the human body. Your original wounds, or childhood conditioning, is what holds you back. What matters is that you are ready to let it go so that you can live your best life, create a more conscious relationship and a better family. This is the journey of the alchemist, a journey back to the heart.

The alchemical process I will describe in this podcast and my soon to be released book, Alchemy of Becoming, is what humanity will go through on an individual and global scale as all of our hearts open over the coming years. The only way for this to happen is to heal. Whether the wounds are based on relationships, race, finances, sex, abuse, war crimes, drugs or alcohol it is time that we heal our planet.  As the heart opens the individual will have to experience what caused the heart to close in the first place. This process will help each person to identify and release the wounds that made the energetic center of love contract.

As you go through your alchemical transformation and heart opening experience the people in your life and external environment will help you to process your pain by playing out the conditioning of your past. This is always happening, but as the pressure on the planet increases for more people to awaken, it is now in your best interest to be cognizant that it is actually occurring. More alchemists are needed on earth now more than ever to transmute, purify and perfect themselves.

Understanding the steps of alchemy will put you on a higher playing field. As you learn about each of these stages you will be able to navigate where you are in life and change your narrative. There is power in altering your story, especially because you are the first in your family to do so.

I wrote my first two books Mystical Motherhood and Fertile to help women heal their mother wound so that they can become better mothers themselves. Alchemy of Becoming is dedicated to healing the father aspect within each individual and the patriarchal structure of humanity as a whole. I am excited for its upcoming release! 

Reach out to me with any questions.


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