Mystical Motherhood

Straight Up Magic: A Candid Talk with Melody Joy a Modern Day Mystic

June 18, 2021

My guest today Melody Joy is a Modern Day Mystic and Pleasure Activist. Melody’s heart centered clarity and fierce wisdom assists those ready to transform and deepen their divinity, regardless of where they are on the path. She brings natural psychic and intuitive gifts to her astrology and coaching work in order to help empower others on their journey to a more awakened embodiment. With a personal history of trauma, addiction, depression and core wounds related to abandonment, Melody’s path over the last decade as a pleasure activist has been a powerful bridge of healing between the body and the mind. By deprogramming the unconscious systems of oppression in the mind and reclaiming the natural freedom and vitality in the body a revolution of healing and joy can occur. Melody Joy holds certifications as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist.


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