Mystical Motherhood

The Hero’s Journey and the Prayer That Takes You There

April 22, 2021

Today I speak about finding your prayer and answering the three  questions you came here to understand. You do this through letting go of past conditioning and following your own hero's journey.

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Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from Oz are just a couple of the archetypal figures that provide great examples of the hero’s journey. This type of narrative creates a common template for us to fol- low to find ourselves. It involves a hero who goes on an adventure, meets a crisis only to overcome it and comes out transformed. There are a series of stages that the hero or alchemist must go through on the journey. The story begins with the adept living in a normal world, totally oblivious of the adventure he or she is about to embark on. There is then a call to action and adventure which the adept politely re- fuses. In order to push the adept into incarnational destiny, a teacher or mentor will appear to help the individual cross the threshold and conquer his or her inner demons. During the journey, tests, allies, and enemies appear. These hurdles teach the adept who is trustworthy and he or she gains insight into human character.

In order to make it through this difficult journey, the adept must go inside to find the courage to continue. This period is the final preparation before a physical test or crisis takes place in the adept’s life, at which point the original wounds of the past can resurface to be healed once and for all. A meta-physical death occurs that will eventually transform the adept into the alchemist, who is resurrected and rewarded with a new life. Ultimately, the alche- mist will return to his or her normal world again, but as a transformed human being carrying the philoso- pher’s stone or secret elixir of transformation. The he- ro’s journey encompasses the stages of alchemy, and when completed, things are never again the same.

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