Mystical Motherhood

The Steps to Your Highest Potential: How to Release Family Templates to Become More Creative

October 7, 2020

In this podcast I further discuss my soon-to-be released book Alchemy of Becoming with a new woman. A stay at home mother who is ready to grow and is frustrated with her current circumstances. 

As you go through your alchemical transformation and heart opening experience the people in your life and external environment will help you to process your pain by playing out the conditioning of your past. This is always happening, but as the pressure on the planet increases for more people to awaken, it is now in your best interest to be cognizant that it is actually occurring. More alchemists are needed on earth now more than ever to transmute, purify and perfect themselves.

If you are feeling pain, or repeating neurotic thoughts in your mind based on your past or worried about the future, you are losing energy. Once you identify your original wounds you can then identify how they play out within the relationships in your life. As you now know each individual is a hologram of your past playing out in the present. You are repeating your wounds or trauma from childhood with new actors. This template was also played out by many generations in your family. 

In Alchemy of Becoming or through the Mystical Motherhood process, I am not asking you to become deeply entrenched with the emotions and commotions of your past. I will only request that you recognize these patterns exist and hold you back as they play out in your present relationships.

I will encourage you to use various spiritual technologies to transform yourself and move on to live your best life and serve others. Prosperous people have a connection to a higher force rather than the mental emotions held within the human body. This is your quest. Your original wounds, or childhood conditioning, may be similar to mine or very different. What matters is that you are ready to let it go so that you can live your best life, create a more conscious relationship and a better family. This is the journey of the alchemist, a journey back to the heart.

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