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You Really Can Make a Difference!: 7 Strategies Moms Can Use to Support School Readiness for Their Young Child

January 19, 2022

Every parent wants to feel equipped with the resources needed to prepare their child for school readiness. We′ve all heard of the term school readiness but how many of us understand what it really means? How can we really give our children the best start in their most formative years?

These questions and answers can be found in Dr. Mary Duncan’s “You Really Can Make a Dfference.” It teaches mothers how they can help equip their child to be more prepared to start school with less bumps.

In "You Really Can Make a Difference” you will learn:

• Activities you can use to help your child build a stronger educational foundation

• The importance of bonding with your child

•  A mom's impact on a child's learning

• Getting your child ready for school

“You Really Can Make a Difference” shows you that with just  15 minutes a day of one-on-one time with your little one, enables you to teach the skills foundational to better academic success.

Mary Duncan, has a PhD in Education, a master’sdegree in teaching and has taught various grade levels over the last 30 years as a certified teacher. She is a motivational instructor who strives to differentiate instruction to meet student needs for both classroom and online training as well provide resources to enhance the learning experience.

Visit her site HERE

Check out her online courses HERE

She has published the following books and we discussed her work in the podcast today: 

  • You Really Can Make a Difference BUY IT HERE

  • I love you .... Anyway.

  • Tools for Motherhood Resource Guide

The goal is to equip young mothers who have children 0-5 years of age with activities they can use to help prepare their young child for school readiness in the five main subject areas. Activities use simple things from around most homes or adapt to what you have on hand for a few minutes each day.

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